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Opposite Day’s Art-rock Space Taste Race

Venues & Businesses
Hangar 9
WDBX 91.1 FM

Who: Cheer Accident / Opposite Day
What: math-rock showcase
When: 2015-07-17 - 2015-07-18
Opposite Day takes the stage Friday, July 17 at the Hangar 9 along with Cheer Accident for a cosmica
Leah Williams
Video Comentary

Opposite Day takes the stage Saturday, July 18 for a cosmically cool, metaphorically-based math-pop set at the WDBX Summer Street Festival on Washington Street. Other acts include Cheer Accident, Yowie, Mouth Reader, Rat Bait, Faux, the Ol’ Fishskins, and Fiddle Rick Johnson.

The Austin, Texas-based Opposite Day is on the cusp of releasing a concept CD, Space Taste Race Part II, that continues a journey begun not too far off in the future.

Starting in 2001 after meeting through a musician’s personal, Opposite Day consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Sam Arnold, bass player Greg Yancy, and drummer Pat Kennedy. The group has the power and the energy to rival any metal band but the instrumental finesse most often seen in jazz combos.

Arnold tells Nightlife that each member of the band plays an intricate part in the music’s development.

“We are just a three-piece band,” Arnold said, “so we all have to make up something melodically to fill out the sound. There is plenty of room for the bass and the drums to take the lead.”

Opposite Day’s recordings have included songs with unique subjects (animals, personified glaciers, and science fiction). They have tracked an alternate score to the original Tron film and produced an album of Madonna’s 1980s hits in full-on virtuosic Opposite Day style.

Opposite Day mixes and masters all of their recordings, which include 110 original songs and counting. The band also makes its own basses and guitars thanks to Yancy’s master skills. Yancy is also a multi-instrumentalist who has worked with Sweetmeat, Sam Arnold and the Secret Keepers, and Sarah Sharp.

Kennedy won the Roland V-Drums national championship and represented the United States in the 2013 Roland V-Drums championships in Frankfurt, Germany.

Arnold said he considers songwriting an “industrial habit” and guitar playing “more effective than shouting.” Like his other band mates, he is a working musician in other projects, including playing bass in the Austin area art-punk allstar group Lick Lick; with Yancy he has worked with Sarah Sharp and Sweetmeat as both a sideman and composer. Arnold has also arranged a string quartet for the Golden Hornet project.

Space Taste Race Part II is a followup to 2013’s Part I. Like its predecessor, Part II tells the story of intergalactic travellers who roam the galaxies in search of the finest delicacies the outer worlds may have to offer.

Arnold said chronicling these adventures through song has led to another world of creative possibilities.

“The concept is about a group of space travelers who go out and say, ‘Hey, let’s try as many different foods as we can,’” he said. “What we found is that we had a ready-made mythology that we could incorporate.”

A favorite on the album for Arnold is “Air and Food.” The song not only explains what is needed for basic day-to-day life for the hungry space travellers but also serves up an introduction of what the trek is all about. The verses are played at warp speed. Think REM’s “End of the World” rants only with bass, guitar, and drums to match.

During the slowed-out grooves, Opposite Day spells out its mission clearly: “Air is all we ask,” Arnold sings. “Give us food if you want to.”

The album is clearly more than just a bunch of songs about planetary panhandling.

“We wanted to tell a story about what it would be like in outer space,” Arnold said. “It’s about the journey.”

A video for the song “Air and Food” was released last month. It pairs the guitar-charged, fast-paced lyrics with equally rapid images of space launches and otherworldly items.

Arnold said much of Opposite Day’s music reflects the bandmates’ attitude. The lead can be taken over by any member of the band at any given time.

“We are definitely one of those democratically based bands,” Arnold said. “The bass is interesting in every song. The drums are interesting in every song. So is the guitar. It all works out.”

When composing, Arnold said he likes to avoid the concrete.

“I like to keep things in the abstract,” he said, “because then I can work around things more creatively.”

As for the future of Opposite Day, Arnold said he would enjoy getting more opportunities for the band to branch out both creatively and in front of larger audiences.

“I want more of the same, but just [want to] keep getting professionally better,” he said.

For more information about Opposite Day or to view videos from Space Taste Race Part II, log on to <>.

who: Cheer Accident / Opposite Day

what: math-rock showcase

where: Hangar 9; WDBX Summer Street Festival


when: Friday, July 17 Saturday, July 18

Little Pizza: A Carbondale Band With the Works

Venues & Businesses
Hangar 9

Who: Little Pizza
What: art rock, hip-hop
When: 2014-08-21
Everyone likes pizza. At least a little. We are not talking about Quatro’s or Pagliai’s, w
Brett Haynes
Video Comentary

Everyone likes pizza. At least a little.

We are not talking about Quatro’s or Pagliai’s, we are talking about Ryne Teston’s most recent musical effort, Little Pizza.

You may remember Ryne from some of his past projects— Hotbed, or perhaps Belle Hooks. His current effort, Little Pizza, is a “Beat-boxing and fingerstyle acoustic act from Carbondale,” Teston told Nightlife in an interview last November.

Since then, Little Pizza has made a bit of a splash on the scene. Teston has rounded up a gang of unique and talented folks for the loose lineup. The new, fluctuating group includes frontman Teston, Cody Dawkins, Dominick Le Strange, Pryce, Alex Francois, Djizzle Kornello, Ali, and Chris Paprocki.

The group could be called genre-melding, as they use elements of classical music and hip-hop, among other styles. They are hard to describe in print—the live experience is necessary. Thankfully you can see them regularly, as Little Pizza has a monthly Pizza Party at the Hangar 9— the next of which takes place Thursday, August 21— and plays other venues like gymnasiums and schools (according to Teston). You can also catch them supporting Nappy Roots Friday, September 19 at the Hangar 9. In addition, Teston is the master of ceremonies for the Hangar 9’s open mic-night, which takes place every Monday.

Here’s an edited transcript of the interview Nightlife conducted with the hilariously subversive Teston:

How did you get started playing music?

I joined band in fourth grade and shit got crazy all the way until after I went to prison for my teenage years. In jail I was particularly good with smuggling offhand items like copper strings into the rec yard. We built these little guitars out of cardboard and stuff and I kept my chops up well enough to stay interested in music. I used to try to get the kitchen duty’s name a day or two early so I could learn all his favorite songs to play him on these handmade guitars. I’d stop by and play and sometimes I’d get an extra pizza out of him at lunch. They were those shitty square pizzas, like from elementary school. It’s crazy how a shitty snack can mean so much when you’re dealing with that environment, but people used to try to fight me for that shit when they found out how I was getting extras. A few years into it, they are calling me Pizza, and I’m getting out of fights for playing country songs.

Who are some of your main musical influences?

Seattle punk and hardcore music. CIL-FM holds it down so hard, though. It’s hard to leave Southern Illinois radio behind you.

What kind of gear are you using?

Typically I keep it fresh in some tight throwback shit like Fubu, but I’m one of the few that’ll throw on a light green Hilfiger polo on a Tuesday or some low-key kinda night like that.

Who is you favorite band from the 1980s?

Whatever band that did “Skinnamarinky Doo” song, I guess. I was like two.

Tell us about what’s next for you musically?

Recording Little Pizza.

who: Little Pizza

what: art rock, hip-hop

where: Hangar 9

when: Monday nights; Thursday, August 21

Ahleuchatistas: An Instrumental Revolution

Venues & Businesses
Hangar 9

Who: Ahleuchatistas / Korea 666 / DJ Howhard
What: math rock
When: 2014-08-14
You don’t need a big orchestra to make a big sound. Such is evident with the Ahleuchatistas, an Ame
Leah Williams
Video Comentary

You don’t need a big orchestra to make a big sound.

Such is evident with the Ahleuchatistas, an American instrumental math-rock duo that mixes multiple genres into one intricate style. The group, consisting of founding member Shane Perlowin on guitar and former Carbondale musician Ryan Oslance on drums, hits the Hangar 9 stage this Thursday, August 14. Also performing that night will be Korea 666 and DJ Howhard.

Asheville, North Carolina-based Ahleuchatistas formed in 2002, blending jazz, progressive rock, avant-garde, and experimental influences into interesting block-form compositions. The band has released six albums on different record labels.

The name, pronounced ah-loo-cha-tees-tas, is a portmanteau of the Charlie Parker song “Ah-Leu-Cha” and the Mexican revolutionary Zapatista movement, combining musical and social revolution into a single word.

For more information, check out <>.

Nightlife talked with Perlowin about evolving beyond their first practice, attaining the pure connection, and becoming a force to be reckoned with on all musical fronts.

How have you evolved in the decades-plus of playing together?

At first the music was about agitating and thwarting expectations as a radical gesture to upset apathy and stoke action. Now the music is much more rooted in a universal human experience. It is radical in its honesty and connects on a primal level.

What are some of your influences? How would you describe your sound?

Our influences range far and wide. Alhaji Bai Konte, John Coltrane, Björk, and more. We are a duo creating rhythmic trance states with the widest possible dynamic range.

Are you working on any new recording projects?

Yes. We hope to record an EP in Chicago on this tour. That is, we have plans to be in the studio and record new songs. But these things can take time.

What do you hope your audience gets out of listening to you play?

We hope they experience a deep joy and connection with the universe and their innermost being.

What is something you would like to accomplish as a band?

We would like to make music in an intuitive way. No thoughts, just pure connection. If there is an audience there, we hope they can participate.

who: Ahleuchatistas / Korea 666 / DJ Howhard

what: math rock

where: Hangar 9

when: Thursday, August 14

Nighty Night Comes out of a Temporary Slumber

Nighty Night


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Nighty Night

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Nighty Night

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Nighty Night

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Nighty Night

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Venues & Businesses
Tres Hombres

More Articles
Jewels: Introducing a New Local Jazz Trio’s Debut CD

Who: Nighty Night
What: art-rock CD release party
When: 2012-11-16
Describing the significance of a band like Nighty Night is like trying to describe what love is like
Brett Haynes
Video Comentary

Describing the significance of a band like Nighty Night is like trying to describe what love is like to someone who has never been in love before. Nighty Night (Zach Husky on guitar, Chris Klarer on guitar, David Allen on bass, Marcus Mader on drums, and Mary Stemper on lead vocals) is the quintessential Carbondale indie-rock band, one of the scene’s best of the best in the last five years.

Nighty Night-- kin to Mercury Rev, Yo La Tengo, or old Beachwood Sparks-- creates hypnotic, far-away-but-familiar, reverb-soaked, melodic dreamscaped indie pop with alluring female lead vocals.

Nighty Night will release a limited-edition, twelve-track, self-titled LP of the best of the best of their material at a release party Friday, November 16 at Tres Hombres. In addition to the show, the CD will sell at Plaza Records and P-mac Music and through the band’s Bandcamp page.

Because Stemper is teaching in Korea and guitarist Klarer is living in Oregon, the band will not perform, but local, insanely original art-rock favorites Wei Zhongle will play along with the freshly fresh, ruby-rare jazz trio the Jewels. Husky, Klarer, and Allen will also DJ throughout the night, and audiences may Skype with Stemper.

Nightlife recently spoke with bassist Allen. Check it out as he breaks down the history of the band and what’s happening now.

Tell us a bit about the history of the band.

Nighty Night was started by Zach Husky, Chris Klarer, and Mary Stemper late summer or fall of 2007. They were playing and writing songs together in Chris's nasty basement. Several people had heard about this secret basement project; there were even a few people who would stand outside the window to hear the twinklings of the beginning of the band. About a hundred Big Bear forties later, they really got the hint they needed a real bass player and maybe someone to hit some drums. Marcus Mader joined the band on drums-- he had played drums in Chris's previous band, North Americans. One night Chris showed me some of their demos and I was in love with it. They had been practicing with my friend Ryan on bass and I was really jealous, so when he flaked out I convinced them to let me join.

The spirit of Nighty Night started with this sort of sweet, innocent, but serious feel with slightly folky hints. Mary, Chris, and Zach had been friends forever, and making music together was just an extended version of hanging out. Once the band had all its members, the music got a little poppier, and we very naturally settled into our sound.

Mary says, “It's hip. It's nostalgic for people even if they are hearing it for the first time. We just wanted to go on stage and show people how much we love each other and our friends, maybe get some people to dance and think we're cool. It feels like being in college, or almost out of college, or dropped out of college, or just graduated from college. Just a twinkle of hometown freedom and youth, plus getting older and being weirdly confused with a bachelor’s degree in a recession.”

After we started playing shows in the winter of 2008, things just kinda took off.... [A] Bloomington-based label called Let's Pretend released a seven-inch EP for us. We decided to do a west-coast tour that summer to promote the seven-inch, basically as an excuse to visit the West because none of us had.

We really had no idea how to book a tour, but somehow we figured it out and our first tour was a big success, so we did a long tour of the South and Midwest in 2010, and another one of the East Coast and Midwest in 2011.
We were really lucky-- touring was a blast and we met a lot of amazing people. It was awesome. We released limited tour CD-Rs each of those tours of the material we were playing at the time, but it took us until the very end to rein it all into a proper album.

Why are you on hiatus? What is happening now?

We went on hiatus in the winter of last year because Chris got a job that took him to Antarctica. Shortly after that, Mary moved to South Korea to teach, and she is still there. So we are all doing really different things now. Mary is in Korea, Chris is traveling all over and playing music, Zach is in school and just had a beautiful baby girl, and Marcus and I are in two new bands together, our freaky jazz project the Jewels and our groove-punk band Government Jobs. Marcus is making crazy drawings and I have my studio where I record lots of bands.

It is a bummer that we can't play shows now that our record is finally coming out, but that's just how it is, and the record is done so it had to be released. It is a really personal thing for all of us and we are really thrilled it is finally happening.

Tell us a bit about the new album.

The twelve-song album is cream of the crop of all the recordings we made throughout our time as a band.... The early period recordings were done at the Skihouse studio, which is also where we rehearse. For the middle-period recordings we rented the Tomcat Hill Cabin, which is huge and sounds amazing, and we hauled all of our crap and tape machines there and recorded for three days. The late-period recordings we did while we were on our final tour, at a cool halfway-secret analog studio in Chicago called Minbal. They've got a cool Otari tape machine and a Quad Eight console from the seventies. It was basically a treat I planned for myself, to have an excuse to get to record on all this cool old gear they have and eat falafel all day.

The record is coming out on the Skihouse label I've started. Five-hundred copies on twelve-inch vinyl, a very limited run of CDs, and it is available digitally on our Bandcamp and probably on Amazon and iTunes after the official release date in December when vinyl is coming out through a national distributer. We are really excited to finally have a twelve-inch LP. Zach and I are big record collectors and it is always something we dreamed of.

We did a Kickstarter [campaign] to help us raise the final money we needed for the vinyl release. We couldn't have done it without that, so big, big huge thanks to everyone who contributed to that. We love ya!

Say anything.

We want to give an enormous thank you to all of the amazing friends we have, all the people and fans we met through being in this band, and all the people who listened to our music. We made so many friends at shows, so many people showed us love and generosity. It really was a vehicle for positive community every time we played in Carbondale. I've been in a lot of bands, and I think I can speak for all of us and say that this one was very special and personal. It was so much fun to be in Nighty Night and we are really happy to share that with so many people.

who: Nighty Night

what: art-rock CD release party

where: Tres Hombres

when: Friday, November 16

Nighty Night - New Madrid - Nighty Night

New Madrid

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Nighty Night - Dust Angels - Nighty Night

Dust Angels

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Bacchanal Tidings: The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Festival



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Venues & Businesses
Shawnee Hills Wine Trail

Who: Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Association
What: Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Festival
When: 2011-09-03 - 2011-09-04
Bacchanal Tidings: The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Festival
Brian Wilson
Video Comentary

Every summer the greatest wines of Southern Illinois are celebrated during the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Festival. This year’s fest will take place Labor Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday, September 3 and 4.

The festival will bring together all of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail wineries at Downtown Park in Cobden.

“The neat thing is that when it’s done in this sort of format, where all the wineries of the wine trail get together in one place, it will provide both locals that have their favorite wineries that they like to go to, and those who are new to the area, a place to really get a sampling of what everybody has to offer,” Jim Ewers, general manager of Blue Sky Vineyard and Winery, says.

In addition to the selection of fine wines, available for sample and purchase, there will be a grape stomp, food catered by Palace Pizzeria and Hoggy’s Barbecue, and a number of local artisans whose paintings, wine bottle art, jewelry and other arts and crafts will be available for sale.

The festival was previously held at Alto Pass, but has been held in Cobden for the past couple of years.

“Cobden is in a more central location, and it’s really seemed to work out real well,” Orlandini Vineyards owner Gary Orlandini says. “We’ve gotten a lot of positive responses from people and a lot of good attendance.”

There will also be live music, with Blues Handle and the Kevin Lucas Orchestra performing on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Ewers says the act of combining wine with festivities such as these is a classic concept.

“You’ve got wine and jazz fests going on all over the place, you’ve got wine and seafood things going on,” he says. “So there’s just an awful lot that pairs well with wine. And it’s fun. I mean, people are there, wine provides a good time and a good reason for the gathering, and then all the other side notes just really, really help to fill out the day, to really make it a worthwhile event.”

The $15 entry fee includes a souvenir wine glass, tasting coupons, and a $5 coupon to be used at any of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail wineries. For designated drivers, there is a special entry fee of only $5. For more information about the festival or wine trail, log on to <>.

The Shawnee Hills Wine Grape Association will also hold an event, Among the Stars: An Evening With Vignoles, to help kick off the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Fall Festival. Celebrating one of the seven wine grape varieties that thrive in Southern Illinois, the event will take place Friday, September 2 at 5 p.m. at the new Harvest Moon Vineyard in Makanda. Tickets are $30, which will include dinner by Cristaudo’s and FoodWorks and live music by singer/songwriter Brent Stewart. For more information, visit <>.

who: Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Association

what: Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Festival

where: Cobden Downtown Park

when: Saturday and Sunday, September 3 and 4

Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Art and Wine Festival: Art, Wine, and Music

Who: Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce
What: Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Art and Wine Festival
When: 2011-05-28 - 2011-05-29
Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Art and Wine Festival: Art, Wine, and Music
Jennifer "Jay" Bull
Video Comentary

The Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce will bring a host of local wineries together for two afternoons of wine, art, and music at the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Art and Wine Festival Saturday and Sunday, May 28 and 29 in Riverside Park.

"It's super-awesome," Darryl Jones, organizer and past president of the Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce, said. "It's designed to feature local artists and upcoming artists, wineries, and music. In a dynamic way, that is going to be exciting for the public but good for the community and things like that. We really want to show that the Chamber of Commerce is not about the typical brick-and-mortar businesses, but also culture and other things that influence business by improving the quality of life."

Flooding at Riverside Park is not a concern, as the festival will take place well above where the now-receded water reached.

"Even if it was still underwater, we are up at the top part of it where the memorial is, so we would have been up out of it," Jones said.

Without flood waters about which to worry, those attending the festival can enjoy music on Saturday by Wil Maring at noon on the historic bandshell, with the Kevin Lucas Orchestra playing at 3 p.m. Sunday, the Giant City Slickers will play at noon and the Ivan John Blues Band at 3 p.m. All of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail members will participate, including Alto Vineyards, Blue Sky Vineyard and Winery, Hedman Vineyard, Hickory Ridge Vineyard, Inheritance Valley, Kite Hill Vineyards, Orlandini Vineyard, Owl Creek Vineyard, Pomona Winery, Rustle Hill Winery, StarView Vineyards, and Von Jakob Vineyards and Orchard.

"I like it all," Jones said. "It is a really interesting combination because I also have a background in art and I love art. I feel like with the wine and the music and the nature of the event being more laid-back, more of a place to hang as opposed to a convention where you go into all the booths, you have more of an opportunity to just enjoy all the aspects of it. You are going to look at the art, you are going to take your time, drink some wine, you're going to enjoy the music. It is hard to pick one thing, but I think they work together really well. Tickets are available online, and you save $3 by ordering them online as opposed to at the gate."

Order tickets, find a map to the park, and see the complete schedule of events at <>.

For more about the wine trail, log on to <>.

who: Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce

what: Shawnee Hills Wine Trail Art and Wine Festival

where: Riverside Park

when: Saturday and Sunday, May 28 and 29

Cave, Mondo Drag, and Drunk Virago: A Psychedelic Triad

Venues & Businesses
Hangar 9

Who: Mondo Drag / Cave / Drunk Virago
What: psychedelic-rock showcase
When: 2011-03-10
Cave, Mondo Drag, and Drunk Virago: A Psychedelic Triad
T.J. Jones
Video Comentary

Those who will go Thursday, March 10 to the Hangar 9-- pay close attention. I know you'll have your ears listening. Just make sure to keep your eyes open as well. The audio landscape may sound strange. Just remember-- you're here in Carbondale, you're at the Hangar....

Unless, of course, you want the music of three psychedelic Middle Western rock bands to take you someplace you might have never been before (or a welcomed return to a strange place you frequent). Chicago's Cave, Davenport's Mondo Drag, and Carbondale's very own Drunk Virago are the psychedelic triad that will take audiences on a trip to new places undiscovered, and we needn't even fill the gas tank.

Cave consists of keyboardist Rotten Milk, guitarist/organist Cooper Crain, bassist Dan Browning, and drummer Rex McMurry.

Since 2006, Cave have been at the forefront of the Midwest's psychedelic sounds. Less like American sixties psych and heavy on the German Kraut-rock influences of Can and Kraftwerk, Cave has worked a niche comfortably between guitar-heavy riffs and naturally psychical electronic dance music.

Most modern songs can be heard as audible architecture-- complete with a firm foundation where chords, sounds, lyrics, and melodies branch out-- but a sound like Cave's is the complete opposite. When listening to a Cave song, say "Made in Malaysia" from 2009's Psychic Psummer, a speed-trap of intense riffs that are so melted together with reverb, incomprehensible lyrics, and such intense layering of sound, there seems to be no architecture at all.

That isn't to say, however, that it is messy chaos-- Cave's music is an aural landscape, completely natural in the sense that when the left-brain circuits shut down halfway, a song like "High I Am" sounds completely natural, made from the belly of some great beast or a natural disaster. It's the kind of music that would be perfect for a religious cult, accompanying such energy and emotion without having to embrace many musical rules; audiences might think they are in the presence of some slithering specter. However, the band agreed that their sound was wholly human despite such esoteric auras. (The band refused to note who answered individually email-submitted questions, so Nightlife will assume they are answered by Cave as a whole.)

"Usually, we just play on a riff or formation until we decide an order or process to finish it," they say. "Improvisation is used during this process, and in the end, we have a piece of music that we can all agree on. We try and leave some loose spaces in certain tracks [for improvisation], so live we can play it however we feel it should go. Sometimes it sticks, sometimes it's a little different every time."

Last summer, Cave performed at the Pitchfork Music Festival at Chicago's Union Park along with the legendary Pavement, LCD Soundsystem, and Liars. They also released the vinyl EP Pure Moods through Chicago's Drag City record label, the home of Bonnie Prince Billy and Trash Humpers.

The band has performed several times in Europe, including Spain's beautiful Basque country. "The States are nice, but people seem to pay more attention overseas," the band says. "They tend to see music as it should be seen and viewed from an artistic level."

Find out more about Cave at <>.

About two years ago, Cave played a show in East Moline, Illinois, with Davenport, Iowa's Mondo Drag. The band-- which includes Johnnie Cluney, John Gamino, Nolan Girard, Dennis Hockaday, and Jake Sheley-- will share the stage with Cave and Drunk Virago at the Hangar.

Last year Mondo Drag released the LP New Rituals through Alive Records. Often compared to the great (and sometimes not-so-great) musicians of the late sixties, Mondo Drag's world is both beefier and more direct than Cave's. The first track on New Rituals, the title track, is a nearly ten-minute trip down a rabbit hole of blues-soaked and spaced-out psychedelia. New Rituals harks back to the history of American psychedelic rock with a real freshness-- the band may not be performing new rituals, but it's the kind of music whose lifeblood is energized by the journeys it takes, from portals small and large to the abyss. Listeners will hear elements of everything from Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd-- which is to say the best of Pink Floyd-- and the looser sides of Hendrix and Zeppelin.

"I think it's always relevant to reference the past in art," says drummer and vocalist Johnnie Cluney. "It's important-- our influences are the reason we are doing what we are doing. It's interesting to think about where we have come from and how far we as artists and musicians have come. I get excited when a review will pop up and say that we sound like Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Blue Cheer, but personally, I get even more excited to get a comparison to Jane's Addiction or something strange like that. I don't think that we are trying to follow in anyone's footsteps, so I do think it's fair to compare. People have to put labels on stuff. It's cool."

In January, Mondo Drag played the second annual Chicago Psych Fest. For a region not known to have that great of a music scene, Mondo Drag surely represented the Quad Cities well. The band also played at the South by Southwest Festival last year, and participated in Austin's Third Annual Psych Fest.

"Psych fest was great," says Cluney. "By that time, we had already hit Austin pretty hard. We had a good response, lots of familiar faces. I think we were all excited for the Black Angels. Silver Apples was killer. The Warlocks rule. We were actually only there for one of the three days."

Maybe the amount of psychedelic rock at the Hangar can be the beginning of Carbondale's first Psych Fest?

Learn more at <>.

who: Mondo Drag / Cave / Drunk Virago

what: psychedelic-rock showcase

where: Hangar 9

when: Thursday, March 10

Allison Floyd - Reflection - Rabbits on the Run


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Allison Floyd - Reconstruction - Rabbits on the Run


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Allison Floyd

Band Members
Craig Roberts - vocals, bass, sampler - Ryan Murphy - lead guitar - Theresa Smith - keys, vocals - Michael Mittage - vocals, acoustic guitar - Vic Schnieder - drums, percussion, vocals
Contact Info

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