Devils Kitchen Fall Literary Festival 2012

Devils Kitchen Fall Literary Festival 2012

Who: SIU English Department, Grassroots, Crab Orchard Review
What: Devils Kitchen Fall Literary Festival
When: 2012-10-24 - 2012-10-26
Left to right: Patricia Ann McNair and Katie Chaple.
Brian Wilson

The eleventh annual Devils Kitchen Fall Literary Festival will be held Wednesday, October 24 through Friday, October 26 at Morris Library on the SIU campus. The event will feature book signings, readings, and panels from nationally recognized authors.

“The quality of the writers that we’ve brought in over the years has been just remarkable,” SIU English professor Jon Tribble says.

This year’s lineup include well-known poets and novelists, including Peter Orner, Daniel Nathan, and Marcus Wicker.

One highlight of this year’s fest will be the Reading Award Winners, chosen by the undergraduate editors of Grassroots, SIU’s student literary magazine. From more than 150 works of poetry and prose, the editors chose Patricia McNair for her short-story collection The Temple of Air and Katie Chaple for her poetry collection Pretty Little Rooms.

The festival will kick off with opening readings from poet Wally Swist, whose most recent book is Huang Po and the Dimensions of Love, and new SIU English professor Scott Blackwood.

Tribble says that while the festival is designed to share these works with any interested audience, it’s especially beneficial for the students.

“I think it gives our students a real opportunity to spend time with the writers,” Tribble says. “Not to just have them come in and read but to actually be here on campus and to get to meet them and talk with them.... More than anything, over the years it has been this wonderful social environment that students, both undergraduate and graduate students, get time to have meals with the writers and talk to them in less formal settings, but also to get to hear them talk about doing their work and to read their work as well.”

Tribble adds that this festival is ultimately “a great testament to the work that our undergraduates do and how serious they take the responsibility of bringing someone to campus.”

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who: SIU English Department, Grassroots, Crab Orchard Review

what: Devils Kitchen Fall Literary Festival

where: Morris Library

when: Wednesday through Friday, October 24 through October 26