Ruvane Kurland Returns: Moving on up with Elevate

Ruvane Kurland Returns:  Moving on up with Elevate
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Blue Sky Vineyard
Rustle Hill Winery

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Who: Ruvane Kurland
What: singer / songwriter
Carbondale music alum Ruvane Kurland, now living in Columbus, Ohio, will reunite with Steve Wierman
Chris Wissmann

Carbondale music alum Ruvane Kurland, now living in Columbus, Ohio, will reunite with Steve Wierman in their singer / songwriter duo Six String Ride for a series of local shows, and Kurland is bringing along his new solo CD, Elevate, released in July.

Six String Ride will play Saturday, August 18 at Blue Sky Vineyard and Winery and Sunday, August 19 at Rustle Hill Winery. (Bluesman Big Mike Aguirre is also on the latter bill.)

“I'm very much looking forward to playing with Steve again,” Kurland tells Nightlife. “We only get to do it once or twice a year, so it's always fun.... He's an awesome guitar player, I think he has a great talent for live performance. He may not show it often on his face, as he's a pretty mellow guy, but his expression through the guitar says it all.”

As for Elevate, it’s managed to attract nationwide attention. The final song on the disc, “I’m Home,” took second place in a contest in Kurland’s current hometown of Columbus, Ohio. As a result, the tune was featured on a compilation sponsored by the Greater Columbus Arts Council. That, in turn, brought him to the attention of National Public Radio, which in June featured Kurland performing the song on Ann Fisher’s program, All Sides.

“The new CD is doing great,” Kurland tells Nightlife. “It was the album I meant to make last time. It has a lot more energy and electric guitar. That's what I've been trying to achieve, but as you know with acoustic music, moving electric is sometimes tricky.”

He recorded much of the disc through the internet-- by emailing tracks to various musicians (including Jimi Jazz Prescott of G. Love and Special Sauce and Brian Fechino of the Pat McGee Band), who dubbed their parts and emailed them back.

“In a way, it's a bit strange working with musicians across the country since there's no immediate feedback on the performance, but I worked with a few of them on my last album, and it felt right, so I did it again,” Kurland says. “Jimi [Jazz Prescott] and Brian [Fechino] are such stellar performers that I completely trust their vibe on each track. Brian played bass and multiple guitars for the majority of the record, so once he found a concept that worked on a song, he was able to implement it through all of the instrumentation he played. He's really a special artist. The most difficult part was waiting for the huge files to download upon return. It's like being a kid on your birthday and waiting to open presents.”

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who: Ruvane Kurland

what: singer / songwriter

where: Blue Sky Vineyard and Winery; Rustle Hill Winery

when: Saturday, August 18; Sunday, August 19